World’s first shared value simulation

Are you ready to accelerate your shared value learning?

Be part of the world’s first shared value simulation on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the 2018 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific in Sydney.

The simulation builds upon the interactive sessions delivered at previous Shared Value Summits including a session which resulted in SVGo, a tool for organisations exploring shared value.

Designed in collaboration with IAG, this immersive experience gives you the opportunity to:

  • apply shared value learnings and make decisions on social issues to achieve the best shared value outcome
  • discover the links between early investments in purposefully addressing social issues and creating commercial benefit
  • work alongside, and learn from, other shared value leaders.

The simulation will be delivered through a digital platform – so bring your devices.

Secure your place at the 2018 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific to take advantage of this world first shared value experience.