Webinar Series

Following the 2020 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific, the monthly Shared Value Webinar Series will continue to explore how business can address the challenges we face in 2020.

Supported by major sponsors IAG and NAB, these 60-minute webinars will explore topics including:

  •  How to ideate new shared value projects & initiatives
  • Creating the workforce of the future & investing in human capital
  • Climate risk and investment risk
  • The business opportunity to address the mental health crisis

The webinar series is included as part of the 2020 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific ticket. Attendees will automatically be registered for these sessions and will receive a link via email. 

If you didn’t attend the Summit and would like to participate in the webinar series, tickets can be purchased for $75.00+GST for SVP members and $95.00+GST for non-members.

10am, Weds 29 July

Creating the Workforce of the Future: Investing in Human Capital

Globally, our workforce continues to evolve with business and employee needs; and never more so than in the past few months. Businesses are undergoing a fundamental reshaping of the workforce and now is the time to consider what the future of work looks like. How can companies achieve greater resilience by putting human capital at the heart of their strategies? And how can they adapt to not only the jobs of the future, but the people of the future too?

Tuesday 25 August

Building Resilient Supply Chains

COVID-19 is making our world feel small again. For multinational organisations, the disruption in movement across the globe is creating unprecedented impacts in supply chains. Transformation has never been more critical, particularly in a post COVID-19 world, and with this comes new opportunities for innovation. This session will explore what innovation in the supply chain looks like, and how organisations can redefine productivity in their globalised supply chains post COVID-19.

Tuesday 29 September

Climate Risk is Investment Risk

In his 2020 Letter to CEOs, BlackRock Chairman Larry Fink made the claim that investors are reassessing core assumptions about modern finance. This session will explore how companies can be using shared value strategies to mitigate climate risk during a "fundamental reshaping of finance".

Tuesday 27 October

Why the Mental Health Crisis Can’t Wait – And What Business Can Do Now

There are few issues which pose the same threat to our nation’s productivity, employee absenteeism and economic participation as mental ill-health. This session will unpack how business can take a shared value approach to address this challenge among customers, employees and communities.

Tuesday 24 November

Shared Value in Practice

This session will guide participants through the Shared Value Action Plan Framework, a tool designed to help organisations ideate new shared value projects and initiatives. By exploring a shared value case study in depth, participants will understand the process of development from ideation through to implementation.