Tracey McMillan | CEO, Forge Legal

Tracey is the CEO of Forge Legal and No Lawyers. She became a barrister in 2001, practising predominantly in the areas of family law and criminal law.

In 2008, Tracey opted to leave the Bar and work as a solicitor, as she wanted a more hands-on approach with her clients,  recognising that most matters were won or lost well before a barrister was involved in the case.

After years working as a special counsel, Tracey set up her own business, Queensland Family Law Practice in (2011), which has since evolved to become Forge Legal.

Her unique experience working in child support with Legal Aid and her strong desire to support divorcing couples in minimising the distress to the family brought about by divorce has seen her extend her services in this area.

Tracey’s experience is exceptionally well rounded with over 20 years in law, empowering people with the legal process. Tracey is also a Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Arbitrator and one of only 15 accredited lawyers in Australia for Parental Co-ordination.