Storyteller sessions from #SVF17

Selected from a large pool of high quality submissions, four organisations were featured in this year’s storyteller sessions at the 2017 Shared Value Forum. A series of leading shared value examples.

BDCU Alliance Bank – ‘Developing A Social Impact Loan Program’

Storyteller: Jan Edwards, CEO of BDCU, one of the Alliance Bank Partners
Exploring the Social Impact Loan Program, an innovative program enabling Alliance Bank partners to support businesses and projects that have wider community benefits.

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Engro Foods – ‘Improving Livelihoods in The Value Chain Through Creating Shared Value’

Experience a day in the life of Abida, an entrepreneur who started her micro enterprise under the Strengthening Entrepreneurs and Dairy Stakeholders Network (SEaDS Net) program.

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World Vision – ‘Fire Protection Reimagined’

Using shared value to protect people and their assets from shack fires.

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Palladium – ‘Solving The Paradox of The Starving Farmer’

The story of one of the world’s largest cocoa producers and grinders who has swapped standard certification programs for outcome measures which include bringing 500,000 small farmers out of poverty.

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