Rhod Ellis-Jones

Rhod is currently principal consultant for Australian agency, Ellis Jones. His key areas of professional interest include shared value strategy, social innovation, behavioural research and purpose-led communications.

An early pioneer of shared value, Rhod worked with leaders in Europe and the US to develop and establish shared value as a strategy and design framework in the Australian business community. He founded the Shared Value Project, now an incorporated not-for-profit with activities in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Japan.

Since 2012, he has coached executives and facilitated shared value training at IAG, Suncorp, PwC , Opal Aged Care and AIA, among other corporations. He has also designed and led masterclass programs with sector specific focuses (energy, aged care), and features annually as a guest lecturer at the Melbourne Business School (MBS).

Under Rhod’s stewardship, Ellis Jones has developed a range of social innovation models, through co-design and behavioural research, working in aged care, disability and health contexts. His business transformation work includes operations and service design with Opal Aged Care, Scope Australia, Bupa and Neami Australia. Since Ellis Jones’ inception, Rhod has led the conception and testing of social mobilisation campaigns behind important social and environmental issues and initiatives. The agency has won international and national awards for its purpose-led campaign work with Probiotec and the CSIRO, and Just Better Care.In 2018, Rhod led a national project with the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy to co-design cross-sector solutions to Australia’s diverse environmental challenges.

Importantly, Rhod has steered the transformation of Ellis Jones into a shared value enterprise, balancing social impact with business sustainability. Today, social impact is embedded in the culture and practice of the agency, from recruitment to investments and strategic decision-making. Every client is presented with the opportunity to design strategy, campaigns and programs that push measurement to understand behaviour.

Rhod holds a Masters of Arts (Communication) from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne.