Redefining Business Models

This week’s reading list is all about shifting business models, the topic of one of our #SVSummitAPAC panels. With ideas for leadership, structural and cultural change, these articles are packed with ways in which we can move towards more inclusive, profitable, purpose-filled and sustainable workplaces.

Is your business model fit for the fourth industrial revolution?

7 min read

See how your organisation measures up against the 10-point checklist provided by the World Economic Forum, designed to pinpoint the changes needed in order to not only withstand but thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.

Is this the end of corporate social responsibility?

3 min read

The shift towards ‘social purpose business models’ is everywhere- public and private firms, from start-ups to established multinationals. How is CSR evolving as companies become more mature in their purpose-driven work?

8 ways to redesign the future of work

8 min read

Developmental organisational cultures, moving from fear to freedom in the workplace and reaching your purpose-driven potential as a leader are some of the key ways this article suggests preparing for the future of work.