Read: Business on Purpose

As we prepare for our fifth Summit we’ve been reading up on Purpose- what it is, why we need it and how it impacts business growth and success. Have a read through some of our favourite articles from this week and get a taster of this year’s Summit theme.

Why being neutral hurts profitability engagement

2 min read

In this compelling article from the director of VentureCrowd and Maarbani Consulting, Maarbani discusses the competitive advantage that stems from defining purpose clearly and sticking with it. It’s a bold message: ‘Businesses need to stand for something, or they will amount to nothing.’

Trust barometer’s pressure points reveal huge opportunity for purpose driven business

4 min read

Edelman’s trust barometer reveals the importance of supporting purpose statements with tangible action, and the increasing belief among the public that businesses can and should take measures to ensure social and environmental benefit in the communities where they operate.

Reimagining the purpose of business and redefining success

5 min read

Part of a broader shift in the capitalist framework, this article inspires businesses to become organisations that benefit the environment and society- ‘agencies and their client partners can be changemakers that create purpose-driven and profitable solutions’.