Melissa Reader

Melissa brings a blend of personal and professional experience to her role as LifeCircle CEO. Her personal experience gives her first-hand insight into the world of death and dying, while her deep consulting experience developing brands and businesses with purpose keeps LifeCircle on track as a national social enterprise.

LifeCircle designs and delivers solutions to guide and support the many thousands of people who are caring for someone through the last stages of life (in both formal and informal roles) as they live through the experience.

Melissa has led the transformation of a community-based 20C charitable organisation into a 21C social enterprise with a national agenda, tackling one of society’s most complex and often taboo issues.┬áIn 2011, she was selected as part of Sydney Leadership, a unique learning program exploring the dynamics and challenges of exercising leadership. In 2016, Melissa continued to deepen her expertise through the Executive Education program in Adaptive Leadership at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and is now a graduate of this program.

Melissa draws on her expertise in purpose-led creative strategy, human-centred design and adaptive leadership as key responses to creative problem solving and change. Melissa is committed to exploring ways to work differently: mobilising new models and ways of working, sustaining large programs of change and reform, embedding resilience, capability and capacity in individuals, and across systems.