Luke Anderson | Founder, Fair Threads

Luke Anderson is a former prisoner who knows first-hand the value of gaining employment after leaving prison.

Although he had a rough start in life, including periods of homelessness, Luke was determined to turn his life around. Through determination, a willingness to learn and the support of his now wife, he has managed to achieve that.

Luke uses his experiences to help other people understand how to create meaningful change within themselves, their team and the community abroad. He is also a firm believer in the benefits of post-release employment for prisoners, and its importance in improving self-esteem, mental health and in living a life free of crime.

Since Luke’s time in prison, he has founded three companies, including Fair Threads, which will provide a web-based clothing store that sources prison-compliant clothing at low cost, to help families purchase the right clothes for loved ones in jail, while also providing a transitional employment pathway for inmates.