Want to learn how to advance your shared value strategy? Want to improve the way you communicate your shared value programs?

Join us on Wednesday 19 June for Australia’s first-ever Shared Value Labs as part of the 2019 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific.

Select from one of two streams, both featuring two high-impact, two hours sessions. Each lab will provide attendees with a number of key takeaways delivered as activities throughout the session.

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STREAM 1: Communicating Shared Value

Communicating Shared Value is designed to help organisations tell their shared value stories and understand the critical elements of a shared value communications campaign. The session is designed to support anyone involved with communication aspects of shared value programs, and will help them understand what various stakeholders are concerned with and how to use shared value as part of their unique value proposition. 

1.1 Acts not ads. Doing good and building trust in a suspicious world

This session will be delivered by Republic of Everyone and Edelman and explore the Brands Taking Stands phenomenon and the increasing expectation on business to address social issues. Does this create trust? If so, how? What do organisations need to do to do good good beyond their ads? What is the risk that brands take when they speak up about social issues? Who does it well, who does it badly and what can you learn from them?

1.2 Communication as impact

This session, delivered by Ellis Jones, will provide you with the tools to use communications as a means of achieving impact and to empower communicators to be internal influencers and shared value champions. The session will explore the common tools used in social impact and communications, including theory of change, behavioural insights, PR, storytelling, and how you can combine these to create measurable social and financial value. You will work through rigorous case studies from banking, health and aging, and FMCG sectors, and leave with the motivation and tools to use communications to create change internally.

STREAM 2: Advancing Shared Value

Advancing Shared Value is designed for practitioners focused on developing shared value programs for their organisation. The sessions will provide attendees with insights into best practice approaches as well as help them identify future social issues and how they could present as business opportunities.

2.1 Embedding shared value within your organisation

This session will take a deep dive into the internal conditions required to develop a shared value organisation and how companies can transform shared value initiatives into a source of competitive advantage. Drawing on real-world examples across a range of sectors, participants will discover the elements involved in best practice shared value programs including leadership, culture, purpose, measurement and reporting and learn how to accelerate shared value within their own organisations.

2.2 Future-proofing your business strategy

This session will explore emerging social trends and the opportunities for companies to create competitive strategies which respond to the challenges facing their customers and communities. Participants will hear how companies are already developing shared value initiatives based on these emerging issues and get the opportunity to work together to identify potential opportunities for their own sectors.

Admission to Shared Value Labs is included in the Two-Day Summit Pass or can be purchased as a standalone Lab Pass.

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