For the first time ever, Shared Value Labs will be held on the second day of the Summit on Wednesday 19 June. There will be two streams of Labs with 2 x two-hour sessions in each. Each lab will be a high-impact two-hour session for approximately 40-50 participants and will provide attendees with at least 1-2 key takeaways delivered as activities throughout the session.

STREAM ONE: Communicating Shared Value

(Secrets to shared value storytelling + Acts, not ads)

Communicating Shared Value is designed to help organisations tell their shared value stories and understand the critical elements of a shared value communications campaign. The session is designed for communicators and will help them understand what various stakeholders are concerned with and how to use shared value as part of their unique value proposition. 

1.1 Secrets to shared value storytelling

This session will explore how to best communicate your shared value story both internally and externally. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of who they are communicating to and what aspects of their social impact story their audience is most interested in. This session will be delivered by Ellis Jones, a communications agency and founding member of the Shared Value Project with a special preview of Anecdote’s ‘Business of Storytelling’ workshop.
(Embedding shared value within your organisation + Future-proofing your business strategy)

1.2 Acts not ads

This session will explore the Brands Taking Stands phenomenon and the increasing expectation on business to address social issues. How can organisations ensure that they are doing good beyond their ads? What is the risk that brands take when they speak up about social issues? This session will be delivered by Republic of Everyone, a communications agency and a member of the Shared Value Project.

STREAM TWO: Advancing Shared Value

Advancing Shared Value is designed for practitioners focused on developing shared value programs for their organisation. The sessions will provide attendees with insights into best practice approaches as well as help them identify future social issues and how they could present as business opportunities.

2.1 Embedding shared value within your organisation

This session will take a deep dive into shared value organisations exploring elements of their best practice programs including measurement, reporting and leadership. Discover the internal conditions needed to accelerate shared value within your own organisation from leading international practitioners.  Participants will also gain an understanding of the shared value playbook and lessons to implement within their own organisations.

2.1 Future-proofing your business strategy

This session will outline some of the most significant social issues expected to impact Australia and the business opportunities associated with solving these. Participants will gain unique insights into what the future of Australia could look like, hear about real-world examples from organisations tackling these social issues, and work together to identify and map future business strategies for their own organisations. The session will use the National Outlook framework as a basis for discussion.

Admission to Shared Value Labs is included in the Two-Day Summit Pass and can also be purchased as a standalone Lab Pass.

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