Joan Ko | Australasia Climate & Sustainability Services Leader, Arup

As Climate and Sustainability Leader for Australasia, Joan is accountable for growing Arup’s strategic capability for biodiversity, the circular economy, decarbonisation, resilience and social value. While many services are long-established, others respond to unsolved challenges. Specialising in leading multidisciplinary teams, Joan focuses on finding solutions that work and then systematises the methods and processes to benefit Arup, its clients and partners. Joan embraces digital transformation as the basis for climate and sustainability services, so that Arup and its clients have immediate access to relevant and targeted data for decision making.


A member of several governance bodies, Joan considers long-term strategy, risk appetite, stakeholder engagement, and resilience in place. She serves on the Working Heritage and Sustainability Fund Committees, overseeing public entities that are accelerating progress to a low carbon, circular and resilient future for all Victorians.