Dr Michelle Lim | Scientific Chair, Ending Loneliness Together

Michelle is the Chief Scientific Advisor for Ending Loneliness Together, a national Australia network made up of universities and industry partners.

She is the Director of the Social Health and Wellbeing Laboratory at Swinburne University of Technology where she designs, delivers, and evaluates evidence based digital interventions that reduces loneliness.

Michelle is the chief investigator of the Australian Loneliness Report (2018) and the Young Australian Loneliness Survey (2019). Her work informs the Australian government, not-for-profit, and corporate sector. Her findings notes that one in four Australians aged 12 to 89 report problematic levels of loneliness. She recently led the launch of pivotal, Ending Loneliness Together White Paper. Click here. She also cofounded the Global Action on Loneliness and Connection, together with Eddie Garcia from the Coalition to End Social isolation and Loneliness.