Christina Yung | Regional Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Financial Vulnerability, HSBC HK

Born in Hong Kong, Christina left for school in England at 13, later earning a degree in Social Science and Administration from the University of London before returning to Hong Kong after her studies. Over the years, she has worked mainly in the Finance Sector and is now leading diversity, inclusion and financial vulnerability banking services for HSBC in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region, assisting in many areas of the community including elderly families living with Dementia, homeless and subdivided flat residence, Refugees and Non refoulement claimant and people with physical and mental health challenges.

Christina is also a published author, having written “Small Shops, Big Hearts” in 2017, a collection of stories and photos of her personal encounters with shop owners and traditional craftsmen and women that have contributed to the rich fabric of Hong Kong’s history. Her passion in this lies in preserving the local culture and heritage of Hong Kong.