Call for 2018 storyteller submissions

Have you got a great shared value story to share?

Apply now to become a Storyteller at the 2018 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific on Wednesday, 18 April 2018.

Share your insight and unique shared value story with Summit attendees and the growing Asia-Pacific shared value community.

We are challenging applicants this year to be creative and consider a short digital story that captures the essence of your shared value initiative. It should be brief (2-4 mins) and clearly demonstrate the business and social impacts of the program, whilst at the same time engaging the Summit audience with creative content.

What is Shared Value?

Shared value is defined as policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of companies while improving social and environmental conditions in the regions where they operate. It is a business strategy focused on companies creating measurable economic benefit by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with their business. To qualify as shared value, there must be an identifiable economic benefit to the company as well as measurable impact on a social or environmental issue.

The shared value concept was defined in ‘Creating Shared Value’, an article by Prof Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in the Harvard Business Review (January/February 2011). The framework creates 
new opportunities for companies, civil society organisations, and governments to leverage the power of market-based competition in addressing social problems, and has grown rapidly from
 a global idea to a form of business practicing at its best, adopted by leading global and Australasian companies. Pleas click here for further information.

Expressions of interest close COB Monday 19 February 2018. 

Successful applicants will be advised early March 2017.


  • Deliver a unique story of shared value in a concise inventive format.
  • Provide new perspectives on shared value from the field.
  • Highlight a new initiative that has introduced products or services, reconfigured value chains, or enhanced the local operating environment in ways that simultaneously meet social needs and advance business objectives.
  • Highlight clear social and business value, either realised or projected.
  • Illustrate how shared value can be applied and scaled to address a specific social issue.
  • Demonstrate how this shared value initiative is transforming a specific function within a company.


  • Applicants must officially represent a company or organisation working on a shared value initiative or program.
  • One speaker or digital submission per application (no panels or groups).
  • Submissions should highlight clear social and business value, either realised or projected.
  • Be creative and don’t be afraid of using an innovative format.
  • In the case of digital content, a storyboard or concept would be acceptable as an initial submission.   

Please note:

  • Shortlisted applicants may be asked to develop their presentation concept with the #SVSummitAPAC team in the months leading up to the event.
  • Storyteller speaker presentations may be filmed on the day.
  • If selected as a storyteller you will receive one complimentary pass to attend the 2018 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific (valued at $895+GST).
  • Applications may be adapted as a resource for the Shared Value Project and Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific website.


There are two storyteller options available:

  1. A video presentation (2-4 minutes in length and our preferred format)

Whilst the digital content can be produced on a smartphone or tablet, the final product needs to be of high quality.

Specs for screening video presentation 

  • Video, PAL format. Content should be provided on USB stick, non-returnable.
  • Content delivery, high definition (1920 x 1080 OR 1280 x 720) MP4 / M4V / H.264 in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Audio must be levelled across all video supplied – media will not be independently levelled.

Here are examples of shared value videos created by World Vision and BDCU Alliance Bank to help inspire you.

  1. Speaker presentation to be given on the day

Presentations must be no more than 8 minutes in length and showcasing well-formed ideas in a succinct and engaging manner.

Suggested structure:

  • Start by making your audience care, using a relatable example or an intriguing idea.
  • Explain your idea clearly and with conviction.
  • Describe your evidence and how and why your idea could be/was implemented.
  • End by addressing how your idea or case study could affect your audience.

The Storytellers sessions will provide attendees with a succinct and compelling overview of shared value in action. Your film or presentation should capture the key details of your shared value initiative and its business and social impacts.

Preference will be given to digital presentations.


For more information please contact Michelle Wenzel