Bruce Harvey

With 38 years of worldwide field experience in the mining industry, Bruce was a key contributor to ‘Extracting with Purpose‘ (2014).

In his early career as a geologist Bruce developed an affinity for working with land-connected peoples. For the last 18 years Bruce has been at the forefront of developing community and social performance as a new professional discipline in the extractive sector.

For seven years Bruce was Global Practice Leader – Communities and Social Performance at Rio Tinto. Bruce is an Adjunct Professor at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia. He is the Principal of a boutique consultancy, resolution88, specialising in Social License solutions for the extractive sector.

Well published, Bruce maintains that earning a Social License is essentially a matter of cultural recognition and economics. Extractive companies want to operate in peoples’ backyards with irreversible changes to natural and social landscapes, some induced by industrial development and some occurring anyway. In return, local people want economic opportunity whilst preserving their cultural norms and local environmental integrity. Bruce has a unique ability born of many years’ worldwide field experience to reflect, research and teach in the field of Shared Value, Social License and Social Performance.