Ben Peacock

As the architect of two big impact, shared value ideas, Ben believes shared value is the only thing left that can save the world.

Ben is founder of sustainability agency Republic of Everyone, co-Founder of the multi-award winning Garage Sale Trail and author of Lessons from My Left Testicle, a book about kicking cancer’s butt and learning to live.

He has been instrumental in the development of 202020 Vision, a cunning plan to create 20{34e145daee06459f8ef8ff4f67480d49d634d6c30f62114a922d93199b7daa54} more green spaces in our cities by 2020, and Our Living River, a harebrained idea to make Sydney’s Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025. He is currently working with people smarter than himself to create three more.

Ben is a spokesperson for the Cancer Council and Director of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute.

In his spare time he surfs, plays guitar and dreams of life in a Kombi.